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Welcome to the Dynamic Horologion & Psalter

This site provides dynamic access to an Orthodox Horologion and Psalter. The Psalter is a Septuagint translation called "The Psalter According to the Seventy" by The Holy Transfiguration Monastery. The horologion prayers come from "The Great Horologion" also published by The Holy Transfiguration Monastery. Both are used with their kind permission. Finally, the translations of troparia and kontakia come from the complete Menaion translations, published by The St. John of Kronstadt Press. Please click on the links on the left to explore the site.


  • You can view the current fixed worship service from the Horlogion for the day and time, including it's variable Psalter readings, and dismissal hymns as read by a Reader or Layperson (aka a Reader's service).
  • You can view the current variable Psalter Kathisma readings for the day and time.
  • You can manually view a given fixed Hourly Service from the Horlogion for the day.
  • You can manually view the Troparion and Kontakion for the day.
  • You can view a single kathisma or Psalm. There are 20 kathismas and 151 Psalms.
  • For spontaneous inspiration, you can get a random Psalm.


Please note, this Horologion is not a complete Orthodox service book or online Anthologion. Although it provides access to the normal weekly hourly services for non-feast days for the laity, it still lacks many features including the following:

  • It does not include a Menaion or Octoechos for the variable parts at Vespers, Sunday Midnight, and Matins.
  • It does not account for feast days and anything in the Festal Triodion.
  • It does not include any Lenten hourly services, extra psalter readings, or anything from the Lenten Triodion.
  • It does not anything from the Pentecostarion.
  • It does not contain Great Compline.
  • It does not contain Synaxarion for Matins.
  • It does not contain the Typica or a daily Lectionary.
  • It does not any Canons and/or Akathists such as the Akathist to the Mother of God at Compline.

I am no longer making updates to this site. If you are interested in taking over this project, please email me at dionysius dot: rossi at: gmail dot: com. You'll have to put my email address together by running it all together and replacing the "dot" with a "." and the "at:" with an @. Unfortunately due to spam, measures like these are necessary to prevent email address harvesting.


This site was created for busy Orthodox Christians who for various reasons are forced to be online for long periods of time, but who still want to be able to incorporate the Psalms and hourly prayer services into their daily prayer life. As such, the dynamic Horologion will automatically display the current prayer service as read when a priest is not available (i.e. a reader's service) and/or the current kathisma for whatever time it is, while still allowing you to manually view the services if you want to view the services for the day at any time. So if you just wanted to read say, Matins, you can get the Matins service for the day at anytime during the day.

For more information about the Horologion, Psalter, or this site, please click on the navigation links on the left.

Prophet King David

Prophet King David

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