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About the Horologion & Psalter

Full size Psalter

The Monks of The Holy Transfiguration Monastery publish a beautiful full size and easy to read hard bound volume called "The Psalter According to the Seventy." They also produce a pocket sized Psalter which is absolutely wonderful for those who travel a lot. Finally, they produce probably the best single volume Horologion called the "The Great Horologion" which includes not only the hours, but much much more. It is expensive and huge book, but well worth every penny. For more information on obtaining a hard copy of any of these works, please contact The Holy Transfiguration Monastery or visit a general Orthodox Bookseller such as Light & Life or

The Monks were kind enough to allow us to use their translation for this site and we thank them very much for their generosity. If nothing else, we hope this site will help Christians to incorporate the Psalms into their daily prayer life. For more information on Orthodox Christianity, please see:

Or vist an Orthodox Church in your area.

Prophet King David

Prophet King David

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