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Psalter Reading Schedule

Outside of the Great Fast (Lent), the Psalter is read through once a week. The normal weekly kathisma reading schedule is as follows:

Sunday2, 3None
Monday4, 56
Tuesday7, 89
Wednesday10, 1112
Thursday13, 1415
Friday19, 2018
Saturday16, 171

To view a particular kathisma, click on the "Single Kathisma" link on the left. Otherwise, click on the "Current Kathisma" link on the left to view the current readings for the current date and time. On this site, the Matins/Orthros kathismas are shown from midnight until noon, while the Vespers kathismas are shown from noon until midnight. Of course, the current kathismas are also included in the daily Matins and Vespers services of the day.

During the Great Fast and Holy Week, the reading schedule is different. If you're interested in doing this you'll need to consult a schedule elsewhere and manually pull up the relevant kathismas.

Prophet King David

Prophet King David

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